In Vivo. In Situ.
In Real-Time.

Plants are speaking to us and we need to learn their language
Until now it was just a dream
Now we are turning the dream into reality

Beyond Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Monitoring & Sensing of nutritional and environmental needs of the plants

Linking plant physiology and hardware development to ensure efficiency in the use of resources

Any time is a good time
to implement innovation

Our technical solutions can help you
prevent and solve all your plant growth problems



What challenges
may you face

  • Plants are living organisms and in constant dynamic interaction with the environment
  • Conventional ways to measure plant status often requires sample collection and lab analysis which is time-consuming and expensive
  • Actions taken based on one-time measurements could be inaccurate and thus
    no longer relevant

There is a need for real-time plant monitoring to allow growers to do the right thing at the right time


The solution

Data gathering

How it

Continuous reading of plant and influencing parameters – internal and external
Live communication with an integrated cloud-based platform
Cloud-based platform integrated with the YB AgTech ecosystem

You Need

To Know

Physiology: Precision

Plant status analysis

Type of data collected:

In real-time
Business Model
  • Proprietary R&D and IP
  • Hardware manufacture and sales
  • Subscriptions
  • White label of cloud-based platform
  • Licensing agreements
  • Prediction models based on data gathered
Confidence in traction in the plant sensing sector

  • Investor support from pioneering companies in the agtech industry with a combined history of over 50 years in the agricultural industry
  • Ability to reduce water
    and nutrient waste by 30%
  • Ability to detect diseases prior to the onset of symptoms and monitor the healing process after treatment

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